Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you a Streaker?

Most of you know by now that I am a Streaker. Yep, I run everyday at least one mile and have done so for 785 days and will continue to run each day until it no longer fits my lifestyle or I have redefined my fitness goals - possibly because of injury. With a slow start this year I have continued my streak with the help of my PT and my friends and family and their support. It takes a lot of support to be a Streaker! As I ran through the San Jose Airport and along the airport road this past weekend in order to continue my streak I was reminded just how in trenched I am in my streak. My yoga pants and GAP Sweater felt just fine during the run and I only got a few crazy looks from airport goers. I didn't expect the plane to be delayed and time was of the essence!

Some of my friends have become Streakers and I have asked a few of them to Blog about their Streak. After you read their stories, ask yourself if you are a Streaker. Some folks catch the streaking bug and go for it, it's fun to watch and interesting to hear how it changes lives.

Our Runwithpaula Streaker Facebook page is filled with runners that have decided to Streak, they are from all parts of the country and use the page to find motivation and companionship. The Runwithpaula Streaker shirt can be found even in Germany!

Arlene Bitmansour, Palo Alto, CA

Inspired by Paula, I started my streak on 01/01/10 to get over major surgery and a forced hiatus from running in 2009. Even though I haven't fully regained my running strength and speed, I have come a long way and have improved immensely. This has been a liberating and worthwhile journey!

did the streak change your life?
Yes. I felt so hopeless after my surgery. I felt that I had lost my running legs and would never regain my fitness. Because of streaking I continue to improve and keep striving to a better fitness level.

what was your motivation to keep your streak alive?
Once I say that I am going to do something, I do it. I couldn't break my word, the commitment to myself, and my commitment to the RWP Streakers ... even when I got really sick with a nasty cold.

would you recommend streaking?
Yes, 1000%. It feels great to say that you are going to do something and then do it. Additionally by committing to the streak you are committing to fitness and healthy living and committing to the RWP Streaker family that you will set an example and encourage fellow streakers to keep their streak alive.

are you finished streaking or will you continue?

I have committed to streak through 2011. One year at a time baby ;)

Arlene D Bitmansour, PhD

Terry Swiers - Portland, OR

why did you begin streaking?

I'm not really sure, as it just kind of happened. Before hearing
about your streak at track one night, I had never run more than 3 days
in a row. Shortly after that, I ended up running every day for a
week just from my own running and getting roped into a few other
peoples runs. I mentioned my "mini" streak to you and you encouraged
me to continue on with it. And we all know it's impossible to say no
to Paula, so here I am on day 447.

did the streak change your life?

In subtle ways. Each day is no longer if I'm going to run, but when
I'm going to run. I've also lost comprehension of what an "off" day

what was your motivation to keep your streak alive?

I looked at my streak as a commitment, both to myself and to you. I
was going to do everything in my power to complete it.

would you recommend streaking?

Now that's the tough question. For most runners, it's a definite no.

Running a mile every single day for a year is much harder than it
sounds. Some days, getting on the treadmill or gearing up to go
outside was the hardest thing that I could think of doing at the time.
All I wanted to do was to just sit and watch the clock roll over to
the next day and be done with it. Then there is the added bit of
stress of having to remember to run each day. And don't forget the
small bursts of panic you when realize that it's 11:45 and you still
have crank out a run. The worst part is never having a true rest
day. Even though I'm still running every day, I firmly believe that
most runners need rest days.

On the other hand, I have only had one single run during my streak
where I didn't feel better after the run than when I started and I'l
blame that on the food poisoning I had to run through. For someone
who thrives on routine and regimen, it can be a positive experience.

are you finished streaking or will you continue?

I'm continuing on. I'll end my streak when circumstances prevent me
from running, or I'm injured and would be best off letting my body



Streaker Kelly Pacillas - Calabasas, CA.

RWP Streaker Blog

I began my streak on December 28, 2009 with the half-hearted attempt to streak with my friends in Portland. Living in Southern California, I was on my own to see what this streaking thing was all about. I lasted about 30 days, missed a day, continued in my own warped definition of streaking, "well, I'm running more now than I ever did" streak. Basically, I was not streaking. I let the charade go in May and excepted the fact that I can't do it.

Through the marvels of Facebook, I began to follow Paula and Arlene and their streaks. Wow, Arlene is totally doing it, even in her busy life and Paula was knocking out year are they doing this and why are they successful at this?

Fast forward to July 19, 2010 when my brother passed away suddenly. With such a trauma happening in the family, it really clears the dust and fog from your vision and wakes up your passion if you choose to embrace it. The one lesson learned that has radically changed my life is relationships are primary, above all else.

How does this apply to streaking you ask? Relationship is the fuel, the passion, the motivation and the foundation for my streak. I was so preoccupied and selfish when I lived in Portland that I didn't build the kind of relationship I would have liked with Paula and Arlene.

When Paula asked who was going to continue their streak into 2011, I knew this was my chance to do something I loved with people I cared about. I stepped out of my comfortable box, emailed Paula and I was in...100% committed to building the bridge of relationship through this crazy thing we call streaking! I was so excited to be different and build something together, my husband Tim came on board and we are streaking together.

As of today, February 21, 2011, I have 51 days (still need to run today). I wouldn't miss this opportunity to share this with Paula, Arlene and Tim for anything. Streaking is special to me because they are special to me. As I continue to run everyday I feel like I am contributing to their success by moving forward together just as I feel supported and cheered on by them.

Relationships...everyday, sometimes tough, sometimes glorious but always worth it!

Streak on friends!

See you on the trails!

Kelly Pacillas