Sunday, November 27, 2011


In the name of running we find ourselves enmeshed

With people that share our daily lives

The common thread is moving our feet

Laughter and pain and everything in between

We may not have met

Without our desire to move our bodies

Up hills and on trails and mostly having the desire to

Be the best we can be

Time goes on with the beat of the drum

Realizing later the fun

Between sessions of tempo and track and forever and always

The long run

The laughing the joy the building of blocks

Creating a community of love

A foundation of rocks

My life is richer because

The people that share my hobby, my journey

My life

My struggles, my likes, my dislikes

Thank you for not always agreeing

It goes beyond and travels to

Family and Food and movies and shoes

And marathons

We are not the complaining kind

Nor do we mind the sun or the rain

We support each other in different ways

Each of us our own

Our kids, our jobs our injuries

Our mental preparation during the


The race

The pain

Success and failure

Setting the goals and finding the way

This is where I am going

Going there with you, wherever that might be

Always with my running friends in my heart or by my side

Thanks for defining my life one year at a time

Marking the years

With fitness and friendship and love and courage

Here is to the next adventure

Dare to dream it

Dare to share it

Do it.

Love and running for all of 2012

Paula Harkin