Monday, February 22, 2010

Hagg Lake 25K Trail Run

The Hagg Lake Trail Run was gorgeous this year, the sun was out and the event was very organized. Kelly Johnson and the other race directors did a great job of communicating with participants for weeks leading up to the race which helped us all mentally prepare for the event. This was my third Hagg Lake 25K. After five years of running this race you receive a cool BELT BUCKLE and after 10 years you get special parking rights, I will keep coming back!

The course around the Hagg Lake is crazy fun and very challenging. It seems that the 15.5 mile course really never flattens out but rolls up and down and around and in and out of water and mud the entire time. Sound like fun? It is! It is crazy fun. I only fell once and seriously laughed out loud as my feet slipped out from under me to one side landing on my hip and catching myself with my hands. My friend and running partner, Lynn, witnessed this graceful moment when I was in at least 6 inches of mud and water and found myself with muddy hands for the remainder of the run. This is not fun when you go to wipe your nose or wipe your face :) Lynn, thanks for being there! :)

I found the other participants to be so nice and friendly as we made our way around the Lake enjoying the challenge and taking in the sites and the sunshine, it was really a fabulous day. I wondered as I was working my way up and down the hills and trails why 400 people would come out to Forest Grove and take this challenge. It is a very hard effort. I mean we could have been sleeping in or shopping or having brunch with family but instead we were all in muddy shoes, breathing very hard, wondering when the finish line would finally rear it's head all the while risking breaking an ankle - all for the sport of trail running.

My husband, Dave Harkin, not only won the race but set a new COURSE RECORD. I am very proud of Dave and his ability to not only run but to do it and so win with such grace. My hat is off to Dave, he is an inspiration to me and to those that know him, those that he helps train and ensures they have the right shoes and equipment and the right frame of mind to train and compete. GO DAVE!! On to Boston!!

Congratulations to my VERY COOL friends that ran the race. Aubree, Lynn, Jill (took her age division!) Amanda, Leigh, Christina, Marni, Denise, Shari and our store manager Kristin Lynn that won the women's division in the 25K. Congrats to the very studly Erin Perkin that rocked the 50K! Two loops???? No way! :) Great job Erin!

Our next adventure? Stay tuned, I am sure it will be fun.

Hagg Lake 25K
7th women overall
3rd place age division
10 min PR :)


  1. That sums it up perfectly! This was my first time on this 25k course & I found it incredibly challenging...and wonderful. You are amazing; your pace (especially on that hilly, muddy trail) humbles me! nice work, Paula.

  2. Nice job Paula! And what a great picture. I'm sold and will definately mark this on my calandar for next year! Hope to see you you down the trail sometime. And if you have a chance, you may like my blog: FRESH AIR + FRESH FOOD. Check it out!