Thursday, February 4, 2010

Running the Course - Go Girl Trail Run

It was time to meet up with Stephen Hatfield of the Forest Park Conservancy to talk about the Go Girl Trail Run. A group of friends and I drove out to Lower MacLeay Park and ran the course. I was reminded of just how amazing Forest Park is and how lucky we are to have the park within driving distance. The course is filled with breathtaking views and although very challenging terrain, the course is AMAZING!

The Go Girl Trail Run began at the Portland Zoo a few years ago and was originally named Run Like a Girl. Women loved running on the trails and felt great about taking the challenge. The event moved to Forest Park and for the last two years I have managed the event changing the name to the Go Girl Trail Run. Women start in waves based on pace to eliminate congestion on the trails and work their way up to the Stone House on Wildwood climbing all the way to Wild Cherry and then down to Leif Erickson to Alder Trail and back on Wildwood for the finish. Somehow this run feels like you are climbing both ways but as soon as you think you can't climb another step you begin a fast fun decent that makes the climb worthwhile!
Not only does the Go Girl Trail Run inspire women to get out and run on the trails but it is a way of giving back to the park by making a nice contribution to The Forest Park Conservancy. ( The Forest Park Conservancy has a great volunteer program for anyone that wants to give a little of their time to the park.

With the course set and registration open the event will fill fast as the Portland Parks has a limit of 500 participants for this race. It is a "must do" for those that need a challenge mid summer. There is nothing like it!

Go Girl Trail Run
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Forest Park


  1. AMAZING course for all runners. Beautiful and very enjoyable views and surroundings, while also a VERY challenging route with lots of great trail terrain and big UPS as well as some nice downs make this a truly REWARDING run. So much to appreciate and a tremendous sense of accomplishment is gained from the completion of this challenging and scenic run!

  2. One of the most beautiful sections of the Forest Park trail system begins at Lower McClay Park. The lush greenery, amazing water falls, well maintained, and somewhat muddy, pathways are a welcome break from the pavement pounding of the suburbs. I found the entire Go Girl Trail Run course to be challenging and fun. The section from Lower McClay to Wildwood, while mostly upward, allows for small breaks of puddle jumping. This followed by the downhill on Wild Cherry will bring out the kid in you -- wheeeee! A short and sweet uphill precedes the reward of the downhill finish, and another chance to write "strong effort" in my running log.