Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby steps are not just for babies

Baby Steps...(goggles upside down)

I CAN swim. I CAN swim. I CAN swim. I can swim from one end of the pool to the other and back again. I sometimes feel panic when I do but I can swim 75 meters and I did today. This is where I am at, I will get better. I will make my way back to continuous swimming! Baby steps.

Is this what new runners feel like when I tell them they CAN run a marathon or half marathon? Are they feeling like I am feeling about swimming? Do they wonder if it will ever all come together? I think this is such a great experience for a coach and an athlete because the answer is an easy yes as a coach but as an athlete it is a little harder to say. I do remember my beginning days of running and they were very hard. Swimming is hard. I am happy swimming is hard because as I have said before - hard is rewarding. This is a good reminder that things take time and I need to be patient with myself.

I am going to set my sites on another triathlon in 2011. Setting this goal is really important as it will keep me focused on exercise each day and training my body to be strong and capable. Isn't that what we are doing when we set a goal? I think it is so important to remember that exercise is about being healthy and strong and not just about losing calories.

Here are a few tips/goals for 2011 - be the first one up to assist, be the one to lift something heavy for someone else, walk a little farther to the shopping mall by parking a little farther out, mow your own lawn and plant a few flowers, shake out your rugs, and use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you eat something unhealthy, leave a few bites, motivate someone in your life to move their body. Say something positive every day and be grateful. This is the biggy. Be grateful for all of the wonderful things in your life, we all have them, sometimes we have to look a little harder for them but they are always there. Listen to the universe. Listen to your heart. Be true to yourself and your word. These are gifts we can give ourselves and we can start today and make them a habit and while building this habit we can be healthier both mentally and physically and make our households, our offices, our communities just a little better. Let 2011 be about being just a little better.

I am grateful for SO many things but today I am grateful that I can learn to swim.

Day 739


  1. Please ignore my ignorance...are you really learing to swim for the first time OR learning to swim distance so you can compete?
    either way, good job!!!
    I am still at the beginning of my running journey and have been feeling so down about stuff lately, so THANK YOU for this beautiful uplifting post!!! xo

  2. Nicole, I did my first tri in 2010 but I am NOT a swimmer so I am trying to overcome and compete! Just like running, it's two steps forward and one step back but eventually you get there. Be patient with yourself and your running so you can be life long pals. From your posts is sounds like you are running GREAT!!! Keep it up!

  3. This is great. I would love to do my first Tri this year but I'm having way too much fun with running again after being back after injury and being done having babies. :) I had to swim a ton after my hamstring tear in August though and it was a learning process.

    Love what you have to say about forming positive habits. I posted about this the other day...habits of happiness. So important!

    Love the Portland Running Company and glad I found your blog. Although, my husband probably wishes that the PRC wasn't right next door to my chiro...I spend way too much money on running stuff. But I'll be back for another handful bra soon...So glad you guys carry them! :)